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COVID-19 has taken so much from us. Our self-assuredness, our confidence that everything will be ok. Our parties, proms, and graduations. Our moments of calm and peace.

And the pandemic has stolen our drive, our dreams of learning to play guitar, of beating our mile time, of getting all As. We’re stuck just trying to hang on as too many people, devices, and crises vie for our attention. Parents are now teachers. Playdates have turned into glitchy video calls. Homework and meetings never end.

Here at bacpak, we want to help you take control of the chaos.

Our web-based platform features sleek digital planners, goal trackers, and wellness logs to help you stay organized, healthy, and inspired. And we offer real-time metrics on skills like time management and task completion. You’ll always know where you’re aceing it and where you need to improve.

bacpak’s design and content is customizable to every student, from first grade to high school. And our platform isn’t just for students. If you want, a mentor can track your progress too.

Who could you be if you conquered disorganization, procrastination, and stress?

Sign up for bacpak today and find out.