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Conquer disorganization, procrastination, and stress.

Here at bacpak, we want to help you take control of the chaos. We offer an executive functioning platform that features a digital planner, goal trackers, and wellness logs to help you stay organized, healthy and inspired. And we offer real-time analytics on skills like time management and task completion. You’ll always know where you’re acing it and where you need to improve.

What is Executive Functioning?

Executive Functioning includes the ability to

  • Pay attention
  • Organize, Plan, and Prioritize
  • Regulate emotions
  • Self-monitor or keep track of assignments and goals 

Executive functioning skills increase our potential for economic success because we are better organized, able to solve problems that require planning, and prepared to adjust to changing circumstances. For society, the outcome is greater prosperity due to an innovative, competent, and flexible workforce.” 

Center for the Developing Child, Harvard University

We are in this together! 

With the recent onset of COVID-19, students are being asked to take control of their own education with much less support. 

Parents are exhausted trying to help support their children while still managing their own careers. 

No Teacher Oversight

Students must manage their school day without direct teacher oversight

Students Overwhelmed

Students are overwhelmed by the scope and number of assignments

Wellness Impacted

Students struggle to maintain their mental and physical wellness

bacpak removes chaos and allows students to take control. 

bacpak will measure and keep track of:


Estimates vs actual time taken to complete tasks

Mental health state over time

Achievement of personal goals

Gratitude lists to reflect on

Favorite movie, book, and music lists